Anamika by Soorina Desai – Book Review


Life perhaps has no story to tell. This book is about birth, a search for an identity, intense emotion, illusion, disillusion,acceptance, death and a personal definition of eternity. All pieced together for us to look back and see that we managed because we survived from moment to moment.

Even an ordinary life has one extraordinary chapter of love in it. This is Anamika’s tale of a pure but forbidden love, set in newly independent India, an era when romance had a different meaning and the language of romance had a different allure. Perhaps the content of this book is for everybody who has been ruled by the heart, lost a lover without losing love, asked questions to God but found answers within, and embraced life knowing it can be enjoyed only in small doses.

It is about finding peace through simple things, glimpsing heaven in a beloved pair of eyes, of recognizing blessings through a child’s laugh and living through the undulating journey of pleasure and pain with endless gratitude for having experienced life.

Book Review:

Anamika by Soorina Desai is a sweet story about the pure and platonic love of Anamika and Rajbir. It is not a story but a journey where one goes through various emotions with Anamika, the female protagonist of the novel. The story starts with the birth of the female protagonist who is born in an era when love and romance had a different meaning than the present times.

The plot is very much different from the other romantic novels of today and takes you to an era when romance meant having a discussion over Ghazals of Begum Akhtar and gifting poetries.

The characters have been built very well and one feels an immediate connect with them. Anamika, Rajbir, Siddharth and all other characters have been portrayed beautifully. The author has managed to capture the sentiments of the characters very well.

The moments become alive with the vivid description of the author. One can feel the emotions and connect with the characters very easily. The exemplary narration by the author takes you to the era of mid 20th century India, where one relives every moment described in the novel. The book is an emotional journey through various stages of life of Anamika. The language of the book is very good.

Overall the book is a delight to read and is highly recommended for those who like reading soft and sensitive love stories.

Every chapter of the book starts with few lines that are simply wonderful. Usually I do not include excerpts or phrases from any book, but here are few lines for you to relish:

The first chapter of the novel starts with the lines:

Where is the God that I have been promised? Candles have all burnt to their ends,

Save myself now there is nothing to burn. To reach him can I not spare myself?

and the last one with:

No wish to live forever, a wish for loved ones to blossom alone,

No wish to be remembered, a wish to reunite with their souls

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